To the point: Do you
like a challenge and have access to:
A shed, Maker-space, Ideas, Skills?
Then you might be interested...
Mission: Building Businesses Better.
Vision: Sustainable and Satisfying Employment.
  How: Inspiring education, collaboration and purpose.
            Creating the conditions: in which employment,
            and businesses can evolve naturally and prosper
            using new thinking and co-operative principles.
            Understand money is just a tool not a problem.
            Understanding skill-sets, networks and trust.
            Self help and self reliance as a group activity.
Why: Because many working lives are made:
            unnecessarily unpleasant, or wasted.
            and much know-how and talent
            is given up, often lost, from where
            its most needed. Also...
Not everyone can be an entrepreneur
or be prepared to risk everything
to start up a new business.
It is a lottery because most startups fail.
It's not just the financial cost
(by the way HMRC and Banks still get paid), but
the emotional fallout to yourself, family and friends;
which can often be long-lasting and far reaching.

So what are the options?

  1. To get a job working for an existing company!
    ... This works for most of us and long may it continue.

        But some jobs are rubbish; also
        competition is getting fierce for
        pieces of an ever smaller pie.
        We need more and better pies!
    Consider this,
        a)  Are our politicians doing enough?
        b)  'Skills shortages' or is it double-speak for 'Cheap labour'?
        c)  Some companies have so much demand they can pick
             and choose from the "Creme de la creme".
             Okay if you're "Creme".
        d)  Time is your most precious asset!
             Often wasted doing meaningless tasks
             and jumping through hoops so that
             employers can whittle huge numbers
             of applicants to manageable numbers.
        e)  You have skills but none tick the right boxes.
        f)  Have limited or no experience.
        g)  Over qualified.    Classic!
        h)  Exploitation, Ethics, Environment, Etc.
        i)  You are ambitious and want something better.
    More options...
  2. Wait for retirement and live off your savings till then?
  3. Take up crime?   You'll be caught and the misery caused.
  4. Property portfolio; outstanding investments, inherit or win a fortune.
          ..... Best of Luck!
  5. Become a burden on family and society?    Not recommended.
  6. Get depressed and end it all?    Definitely not recommended.
  7. OR:
          ..... Open up to a better way of thinking!

          ..... Nothing to lose and everything to gain.
          ..... Do something worthwhile for yourself,
          ..... and your community.

Let's be clear there is no guarantee of success or anything   
in this life; but with some commitment, clever thinking
and hard work, success becomes more likely.
Especially when we work together!


Join 'The Engineers Co-operative'
a co-op with attitude.
Where ideas become reality!

Better ways of thinking are concerned with:
Environment, Organisation, Attitude and
Culture; and are too nuanced to explain here;
that's for team meetings.
Projects like:
Ponics 'Vertical Urban Farms',
3D paste printers,
3D-Printing Concrete,
Energy management,
Energy recycling;
All hope to inspire and educate by doing;
learning on the job with others.
Maybe you have something interesting mind?
We need you and more like you,
fellow co-operators, so..

If you have a Shed or Maker-space in or around:
Bolton United Kingdom, (we hope to expand).
If you have metalworking, electro-mechanical
or other skills you think would assist the teams
with their projects and want to get involved,
we would love to hear from you.

Email: agreenode@gmail.com
Subject: Concrete3DP

and let us know
Why.. You would be interested and
How.. You would want to help.
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Answer: Because it is easier and better at filtering out
the garbage and time wasters this sort of website attracts.
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